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When do you recommend removing wisdom teeth?

Woman with ice pack on jaw | Dentist Twin Falls IDThe problem with wisdom teeth—and the reason so many Twin Falls dentists recommend removing them—is that they don't serve a purpose and often do more harm than good.

Issues with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are also referred to as third molars, and they are teeth furthest back in your mouth. Because of their location, it’s difficult or impossible for many people to clean them adequately. Food debris and bacteria-filled plaque and tartar collect around wisdom teeth and lead to gum disease and cavities.

Also, as we’ve evolved, our jaws have gotten smaller, and wisdom teeth often don’t have room to erupt correctly. They may come in at odd angles, crowd other teeth, or become impacted (stuck) in the jaw.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Twin Falls

For all these reasons, Dr. Mark Wright typically recommends wisdom tooth removal at our Twin Falls dental office. There are many body parts we can live without, and wisdom teeth are one of them.

Removing wisdom teeth is always better done sooner than later. The older you get, the more established wisdom teeth become, and the harder they are to remove. 

Contact Our Dental Clinic

If you’re not sure if you need us to extract your wisdom teeth, call us to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Wright. There’s a good chance he might recommend removal, but if he does, he’ll explain why and how it will benefit you.

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