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Why do I need root canal therapy?

Sometimes cavities are too deep or large for a traditional dental filling. These types of cavities call for root canal therapy by our Twin Falls, ID dentist. This is a simple therapy done right here in our Mark W. Wright, DDS, PA dental office.

How It Works

Our dentist will assess your tooth to determine whether a root canal is the best choice for your cavity. If a root canal is warranted, the area is thoroughly numbed and our dentist begins root canal therapy.

The therapy calls for clearing away decayed areas of your tooth to create clean lines for your filling materials or a dental crown. Thorough irrigation follows to clear away any bacteria.

Our Twin Falls, ID dentist will restore your tooth using material to build up and strengthen, and sometimes recommends a dental crown.

A dental crown helps keep a deeply decayed tooth viable following root canal therapy and can save your tooth from future breakage.

Contact Our Dental Office

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, make an appointment with our Twin Falls, ID dental office today. If you have not been in for a routine dental exam in a while, it is time to schedule an appointment.

Regular dental exams and dental cleanings help prevent deep cavities and the resulting root canal therapies.

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