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Why We Offer IV Sedation

December 27, 2018
Posted By: Mark W. Wright, DDS
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At Mark W. Wright DDS, PA, we offer IV sedation because we want you to feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible during your dental procedures and treatments. We also want to give you as many options as possible when it comes deciding what puts you at ease.

Dentophobia and Anxiety

In our Twin Falls, ID dental office, we understand that some patients suffer from dentophobia or anxiety.

Sometimes anxieties are linked to previous experiences. Other times patients may have waited too long to seek treatment and feel anxious about what a resulting invasive treatment might entail.

At Mark W. Wright, DDS, PA, we hold no judgments and simply want you to feel at ease during all your treatments and procedures. If IV sedation helps you feel better, then we want to offer it to you. It’s that simple.

How IV Sedation Works

IV sedation means that a relaxing medication is administered through an IV, which allows the drug to work quickly. You feel drowsy and relaxed and experience no anxiety. When you wake up following your procedure, you likely won’t even remember having a procedure!

Candidates for IV Sedation

IV sedation is a safe and effective way to curb anxiety and help you through dental procedures. And IV sedation is extremely safe.

However, our skilled dentist will decide whether you’re a good candidate for IV sedation based on your health history, but don’t worry. Most patients can have IV sedation without issue.

In our Twin Fall, ID dental office, we have utilized IV sedation thousands of times during dental procedures, and we always closely monitor our patients and adjust IV medication as needed.

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