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Do You Need Headache Relief in Twin Falls, ID?

September 14, 2019
Posted By: Mark Wright, DDS, PA
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It’s common to have an occasional headache that you can easily resolve with over-the-counter pain relievers. But waking up every morning with soreness or pain in your jaw, neck, or shoulders is a sign that you have a teeth-grinding habit, also known as bruxism. Sensitive teeth and worn down enamel can also point to teeth grinding.

There are several dental treatments available to help treat teeth grinding. But did you know that BOTOX® in Twin Falls, ID can also help alleviate these symptoms?

How Teeth Grinding and Headaches Are Related

Millions of people grind or clench their teeth which leads to headaches and TMJ pain as well as damage like cracked, worn, or broken teeth. When you clench your teeth, your jaw muscles tense up and become painful. You get a headache because the pain spreads to other muscles on the sides and top of the head.

The symptoms of teeth grinding and TMJ pain range from mild to debilitating. But many patients in Twin Falls, ID have discovered the benefits of BOTOX® injections to relieve their TMJ pain and headaches. Given every three months, BOTOX® helps minimize the frequency and severity of these painful symptoms. 

Other Therapies to Relieve TMJ Headaches

Several other dental remedies are also available to help minimize teeth grinding and relieve TMJ pain. Nightguards, occlusal splints, orthodontics, and bite adjustments can all help eliminate or control the teeth grinding habit that may be the source of your pain. 

Let Us Provide the Relief You Need

It’s impossible to live a full and happy life when you are in constant pain. Please call the dental clinic of Mark Wright, DDS to schedule a dental appointment to get started. Dr. Wright will explain the benefits of choosing BOTOX® at our Twin Falls, ID dental office to control TMJ and headache pain.

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