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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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At the dental office of Mark W. Wright, DDS, our goal is to provide affordable, comprehensive care all under one roof.

We offer a broad range of dental services for your entire family, including some that you might not expect from your hometown dentist!

Preventative Dental Care

Tooth decay is a serious problem in the United States, even among adults. Once a cavity begins to form, it must be removed by a professional as it will not go away on its own. This is why regular cleanings and exams are critical to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy.

When detected early on, Dr. Wright can easily and quickly remove the decay and fill the tooth using a tooth-colored composite filling. If a cavity has damaged the tooth past the point of being repaired with a filling, a permanent crown may be the best solution. Once Dr. Wright has removed all signs of decay, a cap-like crown is placed over the entire structure of the tooth. Strong, durable crowns are permanent restorations that allow a tooth to function as it normally would prior to being repaired.

Cosmetic Dental Services in 83301

Do you feel self-conscious every time you smile? Are you afraid that the appearance of your teeth makes the wrong first impression when you meet new people?

Cosmetic dental problems, such damage or discoloration, can be easily repaired through the use of crowns, bonding, and veneers. The use of high-quality products ensures the results will be long-lasting and natural-looking. If your teeth have taken on a yellowish hue over the years, a professional teeth whitening procedure is recommended to restore the vibrancy of your smile. Worried about wrinkles and fine lines? No need to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. Ask about Botox injections from Dr. Wright during your next visit.

IV Sedation

If the thought of visiting a dentist causes you to become short of breath or physically ill, you probably suffer from severe dental anxiety. People with dental anxiety will often postpone critical treatments due to their fear of the dentist.

If you’re a patient in need of care who’s avoiding a visit due to extreme anxiety, please call us right away. Through the use of intravenous (IV) sedation, Dr. Wright can administer drugs that put you into a state of extreme relaxation, eliminating discomfort and allowing you to receive the treatment you didn’t think was possible.

Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, have the potential to wreak havoc if not removed during late adolescence or early adulthood. Dr. Wright recommends the extraction of wisdom teeth even if you aren’t experiencing problems. This surgical procedure usually takes about an hour and can be performed in-office under IV sedation. IV sedation is also used when patients need multiple teeth extracted due to advanced periodontal disease.

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